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Latest New Jan 2017

Happy New Year everyone! With winter on us the Capri has gone in to the storage garage for hibernation.  I’ve polished her up and she has got her Storm Force car cover on.  The battery is on trickle charge and that is how she will stay for the next few months until spring is in the air.

Actually I’ve just taken all the interior seats out and they have gone off to Peterborough for a full refurbishment and new leather.  Its costing over a thousand pounds so I hope they look good when they come back.  The guy said he could also do the steering wheel leather as well, but we will leave that until the seats are done.  With the seats out of the car I plan to do a few other jobs in the New Year.  I am talking to someone about getting some matching leather stitched covers for the centre console and armrest made.  These require the console to be removed which is obviously a lot easier to do with all the seats out.

The heater fan is still a bit intermittent so perhaps I'll try one last time to re-wire it.  Again all a lot easier to do without the seats in place.  Looking at the Haynes manual I see the heater switch is on the earth (-ve) side and not to the heater itself; ie it is electrically downstream of the heater fan.  So it is perhaps a problem with the earth connection point or more likely it it the bullet connector  noticed that is in the circuit.  This seems to be there to allow easy disconnection of the heater fan when removing the blower box form the car.  Last time it packed up a simple jiggle of this connector got it going again.  I suspect the wire is partly broken or something.  It is clearly something simple in the wiring loom and as a rule of thumb the connectors and switches are always the first place to look.

In the spring I need to get Quests to have a look at the roof as there are a couple of cracks in the white paint where the top coat has reacted to the filler underneath.  You have to look closely to see it but I know its there and so do they.  We agreed to leave it a while to stabilise before looking at repainting the roof one more time.

There are always jobs to be done on a Classic car!