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The Ford Capri Laser Page

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Latest New Jan 2015:

The Capri is starting to look a bit more like her old self again.  After a month of cutting and welding and a large amount of money spent, the rear wheel arches are full repaired and looking brand new again.  At them moment they are painted in a strange VW base white to get them through the winter.

The Capri radio was returned repaired and now sounds fantastic again - with the aid of some discreet Kenwood speakers.  With the radio back again I fitted the dashboard back together yet again.  I actually fitted some new bulbs to the instrument binale and had to do a bit of repair work on the flexible circuit to get them all working.  Whilst I was at it I fitted a set of metallic looking instrument dials.  This sounds a bit naff but they really do look very smart and are much easier to see at night.

The Capri I booked in at the end of March again to start work around the windscreen which is the final major part o rust to sort out.

I’ve updated the jobs page on replacing the heater motor with some photos to help with this difficult job!