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Latest New Feb 2014:

The Capri failed its MOT in a rather expensive way :-( Both sills are corroded.  So she is currently back on SORN and back in the factory.  I managed to get a pair for £40.00 but finding someone who is able and willing to do the work ir proving more difficult.  I’ve been quoted between £700 and £1000 to do it properly (ie to restoration standard).  So all in all it was a bit depressing.

Whilst she is off road I will take a look at the non functioning radio cassette (needs a new drive belt) and also the heater.  Whilst everything is working there is not a lot of hot air coming out.  It feels like something has come adrift somewhere under the dash.  I may look at fitting a hotter thermostat as well as I think this uprated radiator is doing its job a bit too well and cooling the water too much.

If anyone knows of anyone who can do my welding work local to St Ives Cambs then I’d love to hear from you!