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Latest New May 2015:

I have been enjoying driving the Capri in the good weather of March and April.  She is running well despite looking like a patchwork of paint.

At the time of writing she has just gone in to D W mechanicals for the next set of restoration work.  Den is planning to sort out the rusting scuttle panel in front of the windscreen.  This will need the screen to come out which will be replaced as it has gone quite milky white around the edges.  We are not sure if the screen rubbber can be replaced or not so are approaching the job with caution.

After the scuttle panel the roof is to be repaired.  Again this is a tricky job requiring the head lining to be removed.  The roof section has rusted through behind the sunroof and needs careful repair.  Any welding on the roof has to be done with great care to make sure the heat form the welding doesn’t distort the thin metal of the roof.

Fingers crossed time!