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Latest New March 2017

The dashboard has been recovered with its leather skin.  As I predicted it was a complete nightmare but it is done and looks pretty cool.  It is a very curvy shape and consequently needed a lot of adjustment cutting and trimming.  I managed to refit the dash and got the rest of the parts all back together again.  Everything (touch wood) seems to work for the time being.  Worst bit was getting the black dash front back in place without ripping my new leather cover with those horrible springs Ford used.  So I used some thin sheets of metal to protect the leather as I pushed it back into place.

One slight issue with the leather dash cover is that the ventilation holes in the top of the dash are now covered and sealed off.  This worries me a little bit because the Ford stereo gets extremely hot when in constant use.  So I fabricated a 12V fan and mounted it on the top of the radio housing.  I used a ferrite core to prevent horrible noise coming off the fan motor and wired it in using the 12V feed to the electric aerial.  This way the fan only runs when the stereo is switched on.  With this in place I could refit the radio into the dash and the fan sits nicely in the cavity between the top of the radio and the underside of the dash.  Hopefully the breeze created with disperse the heat across the dash so I finds its way out naturally.

So I finally got the call from Bob Hammond that the leather interior was completed and I drove up to Peterborough to visit his small industrial unit.  The leather seats are now fully re trimmed with brand new leather and look absolutely amazing.  I haven’t had chance to fit them yet as time was short but they will finish the car off beautifully.

I’m off to the saddle shop to buy some hide food!