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Latest New October 2016

The big news in September was that the clutch finally gave out on the Capri.  Fortunately I wasn’t too far away from home when I pressed the clutch and it went straight to the floor.  A broken cable was suspected but actually it had come away completely because there was so much wear on the clutch.  As it is the original clutch it has managed just over 135K miles.

Steve at Quest Brothers changed the clutch in a day.  Cost me £400 which included the clutch kit, release bearing and new cable.  All seemed to come apart easily enough and once the gearbox and clutch we out of the car it was obvious to see just how heavily worn the clutch was.  The friction plate had about 5mm of metal worn off it - I wonder where all that material ends up?

The only issue we had was that the plastic clutch pedal retaining clip was badly worn and made a loud clicking sound when the clutch was pressed.  All a bit discerning.  I managed to find a good quality S/H one on Ebay for twenty quid and Steve duly fitted it.  The clutch is now an absolute joy - easy to depress and operate.  You forget just how heavy they get as they wear away.

We also replaced the prop shaft oil seal as well as this was dripping fluid.  Especially as like most late model Capri's the gear box is full of Dextron automatic gear box fluid.

With the clutch all fixed I decided to get to the bottom of the none working fan.  After dismantling most of the dashboard I discovered that there was a loose connection on the fan blower and as soon as I cleaned it up and refitted it the fan sprang back into life again.  Lots of effort for a simple fix.

One bonus of having the clutch replaced was that we managed to get the handbrake warning light working again after many years of intermittent operation!