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Latest New August 2016

The Capri has been fully restored and we have been driving her on and off all Summer including attending my Daughter’s Wedding where she was the star attraction.  All that remains now is the interior which is booked to be done over the Winter of 2016-17.

The car looks and feels amazing and gets lots of attention wherever she goes.  She managed two long trips up north in the Summer without any issues and was lots of fun to drive.  I have even got a load of new stereo cassettes recorded for those long journeys - complete with period 80’s audio cassette carry box.

As the summer draws to a close I have purchased a rather expensive stormforce cover for the winter.  As I’ve been away for most of August I haven’t had a lot of chance to finish off the restoration write up.  But bear with me and it will be done soon.  I still have loads of pictures to add showing how the restoration went.

At the time of writing I was dismayed to find that the heater blower has packed in (again).  This is a common problem on Capri’s.  I need to find a bit of time to investigate as I’m pretty certain it won’t be the actual fan motor this time as it isn’t that old and was working perfectly one minute and now it’s dead.