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Latest New June 2014:

I have some good news.  After waiting nearly five months I have finally had the Capri all welded up and she passed her MOT at the end of May.  So she is back on the road once again.  The rot was much worse than expected.  Both sills were rotten through and it was lucky I hadn’t ended up driving like Fred Flintstone!  The seat belt anchor points were surrounded by rot and the drivers seat mounts had all cracked through metal fatigue.

I got Den from The Beetle Repairs in St Ives to do the work and I think he did it to a pretty high standard.  Lots and lots of welding and fettling before the new sills were added.  Anyway I have a load of photos of the work and will update the site soon.

I’ve also fixed the heater which (like last time) was a complete nightmare of a job.  Must be one of the worst jobs on the whole car with everything fighting you to the end.  The flaps inside the heater box were all jammed so no matter what you did to the slider controls nothing actually moved.  Again I’ve photoed everything for a write up.

Whilst the dash was in pieces I removed the tape player and replaced the belt.  It works now but sounds ever so slightly slow.  Worse still I can only get sound out of one side of the speakers but I’m certain it is a wire problem rather than a stereo problem.  More dash dismantling at some point!